Tiger 3 Roars into the Global Box Office Arena

Box Office Collection of over 65-70 Crores WorldWide

Tiger 3 Rated 4+ All Over

Tiger 3 having rating of 8.1 in IMDb and over 4+ Stars Rating from Audiance

Salman & Shah Rukh: A Box Office Duo

The emotional reunion of Salman and Shah Rukh Khan propels 'Tiger 3' to new heights, INR 40+  Crores and counting in Indian Box Office

Imran Hashmi Shines as Villain 

Imran Hashmi shines as Villian (Aatish Rehman)

A Cinematic Triumph Unveiled

Salman Khan's Tiger conquers hearts and box offices globally, amassing a colossal INR 70+ Crores World Wide

Festive Cheers, Box Office Tear

The festive season witnesses 'Tiger 3' weaving emotions into box office history, a tale of triumph etched in every ticket sold